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Asheville is uniquely located in all 4 compass points: It’s Western NORTH Carolina in the South, on the East Coast.

Forward  march into a totally different reality. After 14 years of living in the Caribbean on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea, a different mountain curled its finger and beckoned at me.Western NC mountains  Asheville is the old craft and new art center of the solar system. That’s a ridiculous statement, I know.

I meant to say of the Universe.

Potters, weavers, metal smiths, woodworkers, artists, musicians, instrument makers, Penland School Of Crafts draws creative souls to this beautiful part of the country.

Several major breweries as well as dozens of smaller ones have recognized the benefits of being located in this region with the French Broad River – the third oldest river in The World!  So you see, I’m not totally exaggerating about the Universe status.

Even if beer isn’t your cup of suds, you can be easily convinced and even swayed in your thinking. Asheville is the Napa Valley of Beer.

After 3 dormant years devoid of painting while preparing to sell our house on St. Croix and moving twice before we found our new house here in Asheville, it’s evident that I found something to paint. Rusty as a nail (probably the name of a local brew ) but I’m getting back in the zone. Maybe if I pop this sitting subject’s cap off, and finish it, I’ll find the next one a little easier.

” Rusty Nail ” 8X11 oil on panel



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