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January 25, 2008


— Until I established this blog, admittedly later than many but earlier than Grandma Moses, I had no idea what it’s content should be, or it’s slant, or even WHY I should do it.

Then I started to view some fine examples of what this medium is so good at representing and providing. I’d go back to see what made them stand out and make me want to bookmark them for fear of losing them in the Bermuda Triangle of ” oh no, where did that go and how will I ever find it again?!”.

They had to, of course, be visually stimulating, which for me is often an eclectic selection. I knew I didn’t want my blog to be about my every thought, how I like my coffee or a journal of self promoting blather. I wanted to find models of intelligence, generosity of information, wit and kick butt inspiration.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of blog sites belonging to incredibly talented artists, so for now and until someone takes the Gregorian Calendar and adds 2 private months to it that no one knows about but me, I want to acknowledge with a loud tip of the brush, the artists here, whose sites are wonderful and whose insights are just as grand.

The deliciously expressive and masterfully hued figuratives and landscapes of Brad Bisbey . He’s shared so much information about color mixing and technique with me. Most of all, he’s reminded me to listen to my own voice.

Karin Jurick- a favorite on so many blog lists and I share those opinions. Her small jewels of paintings within paintings and everyday subjects are rendered with dazzling beauty.

The beautiful portraiture, and light filled landscapes of Nancy Moskovitz whose succinct and snappy writing exemplifies what I’ve been writing about here.

Drawing the MotMot– wouldn’t that turn your beak if you loved birds?
Debby Kaspari is the impressive artist of birds, and so much more. She writes with great humor and devotion to her art and love of the natural world.I was drawn in by the title of her blog and have stayed ever since.

Ancient Artist- Developing an Art Career after 50- the wisdom and creativity of Sue Smith. Sue has taken this model and shown us so many templates for pursuing with smarts, talent and vigor, the business of our craft.

A bit of an iconoclast, I thought rules were only suggestions but I like the rules of tagging here.

Not on my profile but should you want to know more, ( even though it does contradict rule #4….) here they are:

Things you didn’t know about me.

1. Since moving to St. Croix, my tolerance level for insects has grown proportionately to the length of time I’ve been here.
When I first arrived, a fruit fly in my nightstand water glass received a nocturnal heave-ho down the drain and the glass’s contents immediately replaced. ( Even the glass was rinsed out with soap )
Now, if I can’t feel it on my lips, down it goes.
Guess I’ve been here long enough.

2. So far as I know, I’ve coined the phrase, “ Outside Begins With OW”. Living in this environment, danger lurks everywhere, band-aids are the new fashion accessory and scars are the new liposuction.

3. The first chapter in the book of the above named coined phrase, will be “ I Used to Have a Concierge, But Now I Have a Machete “. Not a term often used in New York City. I may or may not get to the book, if I keep at this blog and squeeze in an occasional painting.

4. As I’ve reached a certain age, I prefer to listen more than I prefer to talk about myself. It’s become the foundation of some great friendships.

5. Someone recognized me three years ago from 2nd grade! Said he’d recognize me anywhere, and that I hadn’t changed! ( That was 47 years ago ).
Perhaps HIS eyeglass prescription hadn’t changed either!

6. I disbelieve most everything I read in the newspaper, or hear on the evening news -especially when it’s reported by spineless anchors with plastic grins.

7. I teeter on the fine fencepost of live for today and plan for tomorrow. How’s everyone else doing with that equation?

And What Will YOU Be Wearing This Year?

January 14, 2008

7-flags-carnival-blog.jpg-This chap is carrying some impressive body adornment around!
He’s representing the 7 flags of St. Croix’s history of ownership under the rule of the Spanish, Dutch, English, French, Knights of Malta, Denmark and finally the US from 1917 until present. This rich history is one of the unique aspects of life on this island.
It’s a soup pot in the Caribbean, somewhat unspoiled ( so far..), a little bit urbane ( 2 Kmarts and Home Depot on the way ) and very culturally diverse.

redrenaissanceblog.jpg-Body adornment is as old as history. I never cared for history as a school subject but ironically have found myself re-creating it in my work. These are hand painted necklaces that I made- one recently and the other some years ago.
botticelliblog.jpg-I was looking to create an icon, something that looked like a relic that had been unearthed and ancient.
After painting the stones ( yes, they’re painted on stones ), I worked with a jeweler to fabricate the settings that I designed to go around the stones.
I still wear them sometimes when my neck isn’t too stiff from sitting in front of my easel painting. Larger. I don’t want to work under magnification anymore. I’ll leave that to micro-surgeons.


January 10, 2008

water-bearer-blog.jpg-The Water Bearer,”16X20 “, is my latest work. It was a trial of mixing two mediums together: acrylics and oil pastels. The contrast of the two satisfy the desire to use quick drying acrylics for the base, and the pliable, malleable oil pastels for highlights and details. You can smudge them with your finger, push it over a little, mush it around with a stick- it’s YOUR painting, you can do what ever you want! Isn’t free expression wonderful?
I like the outcome and will use the combo again in future work.

— Have you thought about how many plastic bottles of water you’ve bought and tossed away, half finished? Deciding which designer, distilled, vitamin infused, flavored, filtered, imported brand we would spend up to $4 a bottle for?

-We are spoiled and lucky. I was looking to capture the travails of someone who carried water as though it was vintage wine, not spilling any, often being more valuable than food.
A friend said ” She has sad eyes”! Good”, I thought, I guess I captured what I was looking for. She didn’t just come from the vending machine!

frangcaterpillarblog.jpg-If Dr. Seuss designed prison clothes, I think this is what he’d have done.
This comical creature is the Frangipani Caterpillar, which is actually a worm. Read about its’ symbiotic relationship to the host tree and why the tendency to kill it should be resisted.

jumbieduo-blog.jpg-And while you’re digesting all of this, have a look at our amazing Mocko Jumbie stilt walkers, wowing the crowds in a Manhattan parade.
And you thought YOUR feet hurt after a day of work?!