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Cane Cutter- New Painting, and a Show

November 22, 2010

Cane Cutter 14X18 Oil on Canvas

Season here seems to jet out of the box in a nano second. From the Hades heat of August to the relentless storms and floods  produced, the torpor of summer is finally and happily over. In between weather issues, power outages, more rain than has fallen here in 70 years and the mold and mildew that grows on your feet if you don’t dance, I’ve been able to put some work together for a one woman show.

The debut of Bassin Fine Art, a gallery whose owners currently have a very successful photography gallery- D & D Studio, on St. Croix, will be December 11th across the street from their photo gallery. I’m so pleased to be their opening artist for their premiere event. Please do have a look at Ted Davis’ stunning images of Caribbean life.

From torpor to tumult in 10 seconds. And that’s how it is.

The show will run for a month. So I get to spend the best time of the year in the gallery greeting visitors and bypassing redundant Christmas songs and cheesy decorations.

Talk about cheesy- these two would make lactose curdle with their cuteness.

As for the other missing characters, despite appearances, we do not promote the use of nerve gas for training purposes.