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Artists for Animals- St. Croix

December 14, 2009

Capable Hands oil on canvas- SOLD

Locally Grown – oil on panel – SOLD

Here’s a formula that can’t lose. Take one island. Four thousand unwanted animals per year. Thirty five artists. A newly formed Foundation dedicated to ending pet overpopulation. Oh, and add French food and an open bar.

I’ve been helping to orchestrate¬† a fund-raiser for the Sunshine Foundation, a St. Croix non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to end pet overpopulation by offering very affordable spay/neuter services to needy families for their pets.

The idea was to have some of the islands’ leading artists show up to three pieces of their work with a portion of the sales going towards the Foundation. Great exposure for the artists, a kick off to the season here, and a chance for the Sunshine Foundation to get their message out to the community.

I was thrilled to have sold the above two paintings to one couple who couldn’t decide so the tie-breaking, decision-making and I might add, very astute husband said ” Let’s buy them both”! Really, why anguish over the obvious!

Great turnout of supporters and flute glass raisers…..

Interested lookers….

Partners in fine crime- Sam, you’re the best!

Photo courtesy of Ted Davis of D&D Studios, St. Croix. Thank you Ted!

Wonder if what happens here is a common gallery experience- the work gets snapped up within the first 45 minutes and after that, it’s mingling, schmoozing, drinking and eating. It’s as though the frenzy of the first purchase overrides the socializing and then conversely, the frenzy of chatting overrides any interest in further buying. Can anyone else chime in on this?

Why hair raising as a tag, you ask?

Because one week before this gala was when my hard drive crashed. As in muerte, morte, dead, don’t even bother, RIP, who’s giving the eulogy kind of dead. Little by little, the hair is growing back from where it’s been pulled, the programs are getting re-installed and I’m forming an all girl group called ” Bonnie and the Back-Ups ” starring me and my 320 gig external hard drive.

So what’re the dog raising, hell raising tags signifying?

That cute little puppy Cloud, happily gnawing on Cubas’ foot, will happily chew on anything that’s in her view. Before it was Cuba’s foot, it was my v-e-r-y expensive pair of prescription sunglasses with the Progressive lenses. She ate both temple pieces, left the frame, the lenses and left¬† little gnawed stubs of useless plastic that give my glasses that Thalidomide effect.

This is one artist that is for animals- asking permission!

It’s My Hard Drive and I’ll Cry If I Want To…..

December 7, 2009

You would cry too if it happened to you….

” There are two kinds of people in the world”, the computer repair man said, ” Those who have lost their hard drives and those who haven’t YET”.

Great. So I’m in good company with 300 million other people. I’m not consoled.

And if you’re all saying..” Why, of course she had everything backed up, she’s no fool”, say something else. Backed up some ( my art, important docs, some photos ) but lost most of my photos, all of my music, and essential photo applications are gone. I was four days away from bringing it in for suspicious behavior but had to wait until an event I was organizing was over. It just wouldn’t wait.

” What”, my friend Scott asked, ” The camel couldn’t walk the last mile “???

Another post is coming when new programs arrive.

This is what it looks like when your DOGS crash: