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New York Frames of Mine

June 30, 2009


Returning to my home city of NY is like being the observer of your own dream. You’re both the participant and the watcher. I’m from it but no longer of it.

This foggy, misty night scene is just outside the window where I stay with my good friend Judy of Lobos’ Rants Blog.

My two week tour through familiar streets and many now unfamiliar streets ends tonight.

New York needs no additional PR from me. It is it’s own best agent.


Atomic radishes on the left, smaller beets on the right.


Rainbow chard in case simple green doesn’t appeal to your aesthetics.


Sign in a restaurant window, or what to do with that chard.


Because it’s not the Hamptons

beetle copy

And because while eating outside, this fellow landed, right out of the central casting that is my life, on my camera strap! A reminder that I’m heading back home tomorrow. The god of props works overtime in NYC!

“Caught”- a New Painting

June 9, 2009

We have spiny lobsters in the Caribbean unlike the New England version that have the large claws, ours are mostly leggy with the meat found in the tail.


Caught 9X12 oil on stretch linen canvas

The size of the fish and lobster is getting smaller as the overfishing continues to be paradoxically problematic. It’s a source of income for fishermen as well as a pride of heritage. And a desired food source for people who appreciate fish over meat.

How to justify the balance is elusive.

As is the color adjustment on this blog. In life, this piece is much more vibrant and contrasted. Even with tweaking on Photoshop, I can’t get it right.

And while some living things have the natural desire to escape, others seem to prefer wanting IN, as noted in our local newspaper recently:


Let us in or we’ll shoot?