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Fit To Print

October 18, 2010

Everyones’ favorite Cover Girls- Angel and Cloud.

Chosen to be the spokesmammals for the cover of the Sunshine Foundations‘ brochure ( 5000 of them to be exact ).  One of my pet non profit organizations, they provide spay neuter services and education about same for an under served population here. I’ve been a volunteer  for a year and shared in the recent celebration of hitting the milestone of 1,000 spay/neuters in a little more than a year.

That’s a lot of animals that won’t be born and abandoned, abused or worse.

Lots of support on that topic from the cousin’s club- found anywhere an errant crumb might fall….

The ever hopeful Cuba and Cloud


” Look over there, I heard the sound of a morsel dropping….”

” You weren’t using that haunch, mind if I do? “


I was pleased to have one of my paintings accepted for publication in the yearly calender put out by The Carribean Museum Center for the Arts.

You can now refer to me as ” Miss November “.





Missed September

October 2, 2010

Like some weekly magazines that only publish 46 issues a year, this was the month I obviously needed to skip. Something about this time ( we refer to it here as Sucktember ) with perpetual eyes on the weather map and two hurricanes behind us that dashed the opportunities to set up serious painting. A quick half hour oil study below:

It’s been a tri-fecta of family diversions ( elder mom complications ), endless clean-up after two major storms, and much as I hate to allow it in, the wing-nut lunacy of the political bazaar that has become so offensive to me, I can’t listen to or read about it anymore.

Watercolor doodles to prevent atrophy….

But I possess  the American Medical Associations’   FDA approved remedy for ennui which can only be found at the foot of my bed:

Cloud and Angel, clearly disregarding MSNBC, CNN and Time Magazine.

Three quarters of the menagerie showing humans how it should be done.

I shall now channel Cher in Moonstruck and demand of myself that I ” SNAP OUT OF IT !”