Why The Long Face

This was me- moping, er, mopping my way through the past 2+ months of life. Deciding after 9 years in a 43 year old house in the ever growing climate of the tropics, that some sorely needed improvements were going to happen.

Multi-tsk-ing, oh, tasking, my way through being my own contractor and sourcing, buying, researching and ordering parts and pieces for bathroom renovations. Tsk-ing was more like it. What should have taken two weeks turned into almost 2 months with my studio serving as a staging arena for tiles, sink, plumbing parts, grout, concrete and lots of boxes.

We don’t have Home Depot ( but will in a few months ) so everything had to be purchased blind with hopes that it would all fit and look ok.

This is why I sacrificed painting:




Hard to imagine that a 5.5 X 7 foot room could be so involved- re-routing plumbing, and so many components to coordinate.

I missed you all- readers, artists, bloggers, brushes, tubes, canvas, turps, silence, ( hammer drills, you are irreplaceable but caused way too many Exdedrin to be ingested )

The daily frenzy of coordination and builders tramping through here made me wonder if I was Coming Or Going…………

Coming Or Going  8 X 10 Oil on Panel


And because I know you missed her too, and in case you were wondering if the chaos had any effect on her…. this ought to dispel your concerns…



It’s good to be back.

Think I’ll brush my teeth again, and wash my face again, and comb my hair again……..

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24 Responses to “Why The Long Face”

  1. Donald Diddams Says:

    Nice job, Bonnie! Amazing isn’t it how a small room can involve so many decisions and so much work. so now you’re ready to tackle the kitchen?? But seriously, I’m surprised you didn’t retain that orange polka-dot motif from the “before” bathroom.
    Great painting! The off-kilter composition gives it so much energy and motion. Is that your living room?

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Hey Don- it’s going to be a good loooong while before I can tolerate any more demo. But suffice to say I’ve given myself a good education. Hope life in Florida is keeping your creative spirit dancing.
      Glad you like the painting. Glad you didn’t forget me here either!

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    Excellent reason to be absent for awhile, Bonnie! Your new space is beautiful!
    Love the energy in the painting and I so missed Cloud and friends!
    Welcome back!

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Thank you Leslie- really makes me feel good to know that I haven’t been written off. It was an excellent reason wasn’t it? Funny how you can look at something you dislike for so long and live with it. But the minute you decide- BANG! That’s it. Nice to be back and to know you’re still reading.

  3. Ted Davis Says:

    Are you sure that’s not really the ladies room at Saks?
    New painting is sublime!

  4. Carol King Says:

    Love the mop person and the new bathroom. And the critters.

    Construction in one’s home always takes more time then expected and makes you crazy. But the bathroom came out fab. The new Luria Inn is looking good.

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Carollaaa- it was all worth it. Like a pregnancy. You endure it and when it’s over you’re so glad and you forget about the pain. Which is why many moms have more than one. Good thing, since I have another bathroom….

  5. Bill Sharp Says:

    Looking very modern. Congratulations on surviving the renovation.

    I love this painting. It’s very vibrant and energetic. and I’ve always been interested in figures whose feet get tangled up in their cast shadows.

    BTW, We recently rescued a little dog who looks very much like yours.

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Thank you Bill. I recall you going through a similar experience- you don’t know until you’re in it, right? I started this painting after the last dust mote of concrete was vacuumed out- didn’t draw it in first, just put brush to canvas. Maybe that’s why it appears energetic to your eye.
      Thanks for the good words. I really appreciate it.

  6. Sam Says:

    Love yer noo terlet paper holder!
    Comin an goin, yah… Worth every step.
    Garrett kiss a Cloud.
    Welcome back!

  7. Diane Elgin Says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Your work is so colorful and full of life. I really like it. My name is Diane. I was born on St Croix but I now live in Maryland. I am an artist like yourself (3yrs now)but I am self taught. My brother (your A/C guy) gave me your information so I had to see what the fuss was all about. Now that I have seen your work, I understand what the fuss was about. lol I hope we can meet and talk. I will be in the islands in mid May.

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Hi Diane- thank you so much for your lovely note. Self taught sometimes incorporates the best teacher. Luke told me about you and did mention that you’d be coming back for a visit next month. I’d be happy to meet up with you when you get here- you can get my number from your brother and we’ll go from there. I took a look at your website too. Some lovely images of St. Croix. Three years? Don’t stop.

  8. Diane Elgin Says:

    Thanks I am glad you were able to see my work. I will be in St Croix the 3rd week of May. It would be great to chat with you.

  9. Jala Says:

    Wow! I’m amazed at what you’ve done. Now you’ll have to start one of those home makeover TV shows. “Bathrooms by Bonnie!” I can see it now.
    The painting is wonderful.
    I see Cloud looking very very stressed there. I can tell she needs to have her belly snorgled to soothe her. I volunteer.

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Jala- once you do it, you learn the formula. I was frozen with fear in the beginning but then got the rhythm going. Now I’d like to draft you for your volunteer position of Cloud snorgler. Maybe we could plop her right into your mammal pile.

  10. Sharon Crute Says:

    At last! Fresh updates on the B&B (bathroom & blog). So glad you’re back, and with a new painting to boot.

  11. planetross Says:

    It looks good. … at least the toiletpaper rolls have found a new home … other than on top of the toilet tank. hee hee!

    I don’t know all the ins and outs of renovations: I’m in a rental house, so changing a beer poster seems like a big deal. 🙂

    note: it’s good to see that you were not up to no good on your blogging holiday.

    • Bonnie Luria Says:

      Ross- you’re right about their previous locations. True, now you have to stand up to reach for them but that’s what good preparedness teaches you.
      Changing a beer poster IS a big deal, if you’re loyal to your brand.
      Thanks for stopping by. I think of you in Japan often and can’t imagine what life is like for those affected. Very glad you were not one.

  12. Kelly Gloger Says:

    I loved the fact that I told by my sweet love that I didn’t have to do the renovation of the bathroom. Normally I would have, but luckily I listened and could watch the dust fly without being a part of it. I love the results, and will use the shower there some day bolts of lightening prevent me from using the open air shower.

  13. wrjones Says:

    Bathroom looks good and so does the painting. A great composition with a title that expresses it in words.

    Are you going to wash your brushes in that sink?

    We did a bathroom remodel recently. DIdn’t use a licensed contractor and after having a beautiful marble shower installed, it leaked like the Titanic ruining an adjacent wall. Had to tear it out an do it over. A very expensive lesson. This is why my language deteriorates.

  14. Mary Sheehan Winn Says:

    beautiful makeover and I do love those above the counter sinks.
    Where’d you go?

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