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” Morning Brew ” – Finished Painting

January 17, 2011

” Morning Brew “ 8 X 10 oil on linen


This was the burnt sienna wash shown in the last post.

Here’s what happened with the Elevens recently. My solo show at Bassin Fine Art Gallery, St. Croix, opened on December ELEVENTH. The show closed on January ELEVENTH. And Shazamm, I sold ELEVEN paintings. With great and bowed thanks to collectors, friends, unexpected walk-ins,  architects of secret surprises and other random appreciators. And to the delightful and professional gallery owners who provided a stunning stage for viewers and paintings. Thank you all.

Dick Blick and King of Frame– I hope your operators are standing by, I’ve supplies to replenish.


THEY are not standing by………..

Doing what they do best: laying or lying by. Standing is for when there’s food or promises of beach.

Attention humans in need of an exquisite place of your own to lay around in or beach at:

Take a look around Southern Breezes Villa here on St. Croix. Swoon. Then rent it and come for a visit.

1/1/11- Perfect Date For Stick Figure Artists

January 1, 2011

Maybe not as perfect as 1/11/11 but who could wait?

No fireworks, just our annual blooming starburst cleredenron- Grucci Brothers, pay attention!

We still have to get past Three Kings Day, the various parades, capricious store and business hours due to the whim of the proprietor and then life will settle down to a more predictable rhythm.

For store hour signage- this must surely be an island favorite- from our trusty art supply store:

My solo show is still up at Bassin Fine Art- have sold 7 so far. This one just went yesterday:

Calypso Dancer 16 X20

In between gallery sitting and the holidays, and the desire to do more than stick figures, I started a small 8X10 with a burnt sienna & ultramarine sketch. No title yet- any suggestions?

My resolution? OUT WITH THE NEW, IN WITH THE OLD. That’s right.

I want my old princess phone from 25 years ago, made to outlast generations. I’m on my third Radio Shack P.O.S ( and it doesn’t stand for Point of Service ) phone in as many months. How do they stop working in 43 days? How do 2 computer mouse (s ) go bad in less than 5 months?

People! Buy ART. It lasts forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy, Productive, Calamity-less New Year Everyone.

Let’s see if those black eyed peas have some merit.