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A Million Little Pieces

February 22, 2010

Painted not with brushes but with excised, tiny pieces of paper collected from magazines. Especially magazines of good quality stock so they’d withstand cuts with an X-acto blade, picking up with tweezers and finish with medium.

I kept folders  assorted by colors:  reds, blues, textures, anything that looked interesting. My favorite  locale for harvesting tear sheets was the waiting rooms of dentists or Park Avenue doctors. Ritzy publications,  heavy stock, great color saturation. Cough, loudly, tear simultaneously and seize that perfect page.

Started with a rough sketch for composition and then went to work laying on pieces of paper.

Unfortunate addendum: not a method you can deploy under the rotor blades of a ceiling fan or your million tiny pieces will be confetti.

Some images from the St. Croix Ag Fair 2010- great local food, thousands of people, acres to wander, animals on display, and enterprise in all forms.

Best view in the house.

St. Croix is snake-less, except for this 7’9″  illegal escapee who was rescued and is now a teaching tool.

Kids and kids.

Clouds’ ancestor?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch………

These two……

Don’t you see a branding of calendars, napkins, mugs?