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Why The Long Face

April 13, 2011

This was me- moping, er, mopping my way through the past 2+ months of life. Deciding after 9 years in a 43 year old house in the ever growing climate of the tropics, that some sorely needed improvements were going to happen.

Multi-tsk-ing, oh, tasking, my way through being my own contractor and sourcing, buying, researching and ordering parts and pieces for bathroom renovations. Tsk-ing was more like it. What should have taken two weeks turned into almost 2 months with my studio serving as a staging arena for tiles, sink, plumbing parts, grout, concrete and lots of boxes.

We don’t have Home Depot ( but will in a few months ) so everything had to be purchased blind with hopes that it would all fit and look ok.

This is why I sacrificed painting:




Hard to imagine that a 5.5 X 7 foot room could be so involved- re-routing plumbing, and so many components to coordinate.

I missed you all- readers, artists, bloggers, brushes, tubes, canvas, turps, silence, ( hammer drills, you are irreplaceable but caused way too many Exdedrin to be ingested )

The daily frenzy of coordination and builders tramping through here made me wonder if I was Coming Or Going…………

Coming Or Going  8 X 10 Oil on Panel


And because I know you missed her too, and in case you were wondering if the chaos had any effect on her…. this ought to dispel your concerns…



It’s good to be back.

Think I’ll brush my teeth again, and wash my face again, and comb my hair again……..