Eat Your Veggies!

tobago-blog.jpg -These are The Tobago Market Ladies, an 11″X14″ work in acrylic. Long before produce was called produce, they were simply known as “Vegetables”. Everyone grew their own and picked what they needed for the day’s meal. Our food is already a week old when we get it, having been strangled in shrink wrap during it’s travel here.

We’re fortunate to have several places on St Croix where fresh food can be found-
Southgate Farms on the East Road has done so much for raising the bar of awareness of fresh, wholesome, organic produce. We’re all so grateful to Luca Gasperi and his crew for bringing quality to our table.

bok-choi.jpg-The La Reine market, just off Centerline Road near the Kingshill Post Office, although only open on Saturdays, not only provides a varied selection of vegetables, like this bok choi, ( photo courtesy of the very talented Judy Lobo ) but unusual fruits, and some of the best local hot sauces and fruit preserves.
These ladies know how to put up fruit so forget Smuckers and buy something made on someones’ stove from their grandmothers’ recipe.

-Fairly new is the VI Farmers Cooperative, located on the road between Midland and East Airport Road, just South of Annaly Farms. They are selling locally grown vegetables on Saturdays.

-Most exciting is the VI Sustainable Farm in Frederiksted. Last weekend, the guest chef was Frank, the culinary machine behind Bacchus restaurant- his pride for the past 11 years before giving it up for a well deserved change. Luckily for us, he can’t stay away from the kitchen too long. He served a great dinner featuring our very own local Senepol cattle. No antibiotics, free grazing.

-And if after all this healthy food discussion, you still disdain vegetables, see what else you can do with them here:

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3 Responses to “Eat Your Veggies!”

  1. reghunnicutt Says:

    I remember getting some fantastic collards, sweet potatoes and limes from our housekeep a few years ago. I didn’t think collards would grow there. I recall the sweet patatoes were purple, ugly and quite tasty.

    I’m not sure a NY girl would eat such stuff but it was great for this southern man.

  2. judylobo Says:

    If I had known I could have turned veggies into art, like the video, I would have not been yelled at so much at home as a child. It seems just pushing them around your plate does not get applause like veggie art. Loved the post.

  3. carolking Says:

    Love the market ladies. Interestingly, I carry my groceries home that way as well.

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