Merry Croixsmas!

cocowaterblog.jpg– This is my newest work called Coconut Water, inspired by the omnipresent abundance of coconuts here on St Croix. Say Nyet to Naya, Poo Poo Perrier, Dis Disani- when you can drink coconut water! Read all about the many uses of coconuts throughout civilization and history here:

cocodemerblog.jpg-Give this your best guess- what do you think it is? Man? Woman? Mermaid? Sculpture? None of those. It’s the seed, the largest seed in the plant kingdom, of the coco de mer. This rare specimen is on display here at The St.George Village Botanical Garden, St. Croix.

– Another tradition here during the holidays is the Caribbean version of fruitcake called Black Cake. This one bears no resemblance to the sticky, tacky, cubes of red dye #2 ,citron studded paste that gets mocked every year and tossed in the trash. The authentic lovingly made version seen here, when done the traditional way, takes ONE YEAR to properly prepare. Don’t be frightened. That’s not cooking time. It’s the time it takes to soak the fruit in rum. Read on- the NY Times found it fascinating enough to publish.

Happy Holidays and my wish for everyone is that this time next year we can celebrate around a tree and not a BUSH!

5 Responses to “Merry Croixsmas!”

  1. judith wolfe Says:

    Love the painting, love the history of the coconut (who knew?) and love all of the interesting links. Thank you St Croix Blogger!

  2. Ted Says:

    New painting is gorgeous!!

  3. Carol King Says:

    Love the painting and the font of information you’ve kindly provided! It always pays to look at your website. You get everything, art, information, laughs (Merry Croixmas!) Well worth the price of admission!

  4. Noel Luria Says:

    Can she get much better? I dont think so…it will,hwever, be fun to watch.

  5. Reggie Says:

    Hi, I jumped over from Terry’s Livin in St Croix and added you to my RSS reader. I am a Cruzan wannabe but have some work left to do on the mainland before I can consider living there. I have to settle for a few stolen weeks there a year.

    Your art is lovely and lively.

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