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Missed September

October 2, 2010

Like some weekly magazines that only publish 46 issues a year, this was the month I obviously needed to skip. Something about this time ( we refer to it here as Sucktember ) with perpetual eyes on the weather map and two hurricanes behind us that dashed the opportunities to set up serious painting. A quick half hour oil study below:

It’s been a tri-fecta of family diversions ( elder mom complications ), endless clean-up after two major storms, and much as I hate to allow it in, the wing-nut lunacy of the political bazaar that has become so offensive to me, I can’t listen to or read about it anymore.

Watercolor doodles to prevent atrophy….

But I possess¬† the American Medical Associations’¬†¬† FDA approved remedy for ennui which can only be found at the foot of my bed:

Cloud and Angel, clearly disregarding MSNBC, CNN and Time Magazine.

Three quarters of the menagerie showing humans how it should be done.

I shall now channel Cher in Moonstruck and demand of myself that I ” SNAP OUT OF IT !”