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Post Partum Post Script

September 8, 2009

This isn’t primarily my news although I’m involved, I’m not the focus. The focus is a new person, 8 and a half pounds new. Born on Labor Day Weekend. And one of the surprises that I couldn’t reveal on my last post.

Some may remember a painting I did a little over a year ago called CaptuRED. You can read the complete post here.


It was bought as a surprise by a friend for his lady who had admired it. She was told for years that she couldn’t bear children and had resigned herself to accepting¬† that as final.

The night the painting arrived, she made liars out of a Rolodexs’ worth of doctors’ names. Women know when ” something happened “.¬† Little Quinn was born 9 months later.

Now on her way to having what she calls ” Irish Twins”,¬† she was expecting their second baby right about now. This time SHE contacted me and said she wanted to buy another painting as a surprise for her man, knowing she was having another boy. This is the one she thought he’d like.

shallow water for ToniShallow Water

So Labor Day Weekend, her labor produced a brother for Quinn. Since they both read my blog, and tried to get a leg up on the mysterious lack of detail in the last post, HE thought SHE thought that HE was surprising her with another painting.

She had the last laugh and probably the last full night of sleep for the next 18 years.

I think the next painting I do, should be of a full time nanny accompanied by a houseman.

Bet they’d fall over themselves to buy it first.

Congratulations Sean and Toni! And thank you too.