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August Sun- New Painting

September 1, 2008

August and September. It’s hot. You do the physical work in the early morning or late afternoon.

9X12 oil on linen

Sometimes you have no choice- the works’ got to get done. I was taken with the contrasted colors of his red t-shirt, the cool, blue pool ( not mine…..), and the white hot concrete around the edges. Like an iced, frosty cola, the shadows showed me where the cool spots were. August Sun– seemed appropriate.

Noel Coward does a very saucy, perky rendition of Mad Dogs and Englishmen , here:

And then you can add to those two species who don’t know enough to stay out of the midday sun, this extraordinary creature that popped out of one of my plants when I hosed some in the backyard. I don’t know who was more shocked! I’d never seen anything this, well, GREEN!

Learn more about Green Iguanas here:

She’s a juvenile, already about 12″ long, was serenely checking me out, waited for me to come back out with my camera, and then ( the best part ), she took a piece of pink guava from my outstretched hand and ate it!

Now I may have to spend more time out in the midday sun….