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St. Croix This Week- November Cover

November 14, 2009

They loom, stilts no challenge for their years of training. Mocko Jumbies are the feature of this months’ cover.


Interpreters of superstitions and spirits of  long ago , their contemporaries perform at Jump Up, a four time a year favorite  event.  I found a great video

on You Tube that gives you an idea of their height and irresistible street cred.

Here’s a link to the ” About the Artist ” page on the inside of the magazine- a place for shameless self promotion, or another tear sheet for my only heir to ruminate over keeping or using it as a book mark.

St. Croix LAST week was the destination for 5 visiting friends, so I took in some beach time, photo time, dining out time, and no painting time. I HAD no time.

What I did have was an additional perspective of where I live through another’s eyes. Mary of 2FramesperSecond, dedicated to the Canon G7, montage’d the synopsis. ( Pay attention, Cloud lovers…this means you, Jala )


Thought to be milkweed bugs, nevermind that thought. Don calls them love bugs, as  you’ll read in his comment below and I call them push-me pull-yous. As graphically beautiful as African Masks.

Now another PS: this edit in from dear friend Scott who knows everything flora, fauna, and food, what he states is the scientific name:

“The push-me-pull-you insects are “true bugs” – that’s the correct entomological term for them  – “bugs.” They belong to the Hemiptera group of arthropods. They all have piercing-sucking mouthparts. These are found on Malvaceous plants; hibiscus and their kin, especially the beachside Hibiscus tiliacea – the tree with hibiscus-like yellow flowers.” Thanks, Scott. ( love my smart friends )


Water on wood, photographer (me ) on assignment.

Several photographers on assignment, actually. Two friends are photographers for the AP, shooting opposing teams for the World Series. Just made it here by the grace of Game 6, Game over.

A typical scene at the dinner table:

G7 Summit

The G7 Summit


Love this group- they never sit around for too long.

Time spent with family…..

say cheese

Animals triangulated, moment seized by Lobo. Thanks Judy.


Yes, they’re both real. And that Cloud is a Purina contract waiting to happen.

Be looking for some lovely watercolors from this visit by Carolking, who will now be forced to publish them on her blog sooner than she may have wished.


January 10, 2008

water-bearer-blog.jpg-The Water Bearer,”16X20 “, is my latest work. It was a trial of mixing two mediums together: acrylics and oil pastels. The contrast of the two satisfy the desire to use quick drying acrylics for the base, and the pliable, malleable oil pastels for highlights and details. You can smudge them with your finger, push it over a little, mush it around with a stick- it’s YOUR painting, you can do what ever you want! Isn’t free expression wonderful?
I like the outcome and will use the combo again in future work.

— Have you thought about how many plastic bottles of water you’ve bought and tossed away, half finished? Deciding which designer, distilled, vitamin infused, flavored, filtered, imported brand we would spend up to $4 a bottle for?

-We are spoiled and lucky. I was looking to capture the travails of someone who carried water as though it was vintage wine, not spilling any, often being more valuable than food.
A friend said ” She has sad eyes”! Good”, I thought, I guess I captured what I was looking for. She didn’t just come from the vending machine!

frangcaterpillarblog.jpg-If Dr. Seuss designed prison clothes, I think this is what he’d have done.
This comical creature is the Frangipani Caterpillar, which is actually a worm. Read about its’ symbiotic relationship to the host tree and why the tendency to kill it should be resisted.

jumbieduo-blog.jpg-And while you’re digesting all of this, have a look at our amazing Mocko Jumbie stilt walkers, wowing the crowds in a Manhattan parade.
And you thought YOUR feet hurt after a day of work?!