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I’m In A New York City Of Mind

June 21, 2010

If it’s June, it must mean I’m in NYC again for my annual recharge.  Where even the Lowland Gorillas at the Bronx Zoo possess an attitude particular to the revered.

The trip coincided with Jeremy Lipkings one man show at the Arcadia Gallery which included a portrait demo by Jeremy that unfortunately could only be viewed effectively by Kobe Bryant. But still.. a stunning show.

A spectacular installation at the Met Roof Garden- ” Big Bambu ”  a growing structure soaring up to 100 feet high and added to on an ongoing basis.

Staying with my good friend Judy-of Lobo’s Rants, an artist as well, and fellow animal lover, which is evident in the montage of her pet portraits seen below:

Convened with fellow friends, frequent visitors to St. Croix and fellow bloggers Carol King of Carolkings Weblog  and Mary Schwalm of 2 Frames Per Second for our annual NYC reunion.

Still the towering symbol of achievement, success and hope, a sharp eye can catch a sardonic flip side of all that:

And a hint that maybe the end IS near?  Tonight’s forecast…..

This city is one long drink of everything you ever wanted which can sometimes lead to excess of stimulation resulting in impromptu naps.

During my last visit I encountered three people in unrelated places that were born on St. Croix and now living in NYC which confirmed what I’ve noticed since living on St. Croix: there is a strong link between the two places.


Fund Raisers and Fun Raisers in St. Croix

November 19, 2008

Three friends were here visiting last week- one from NYC and two from Massachusetts. All three go nowhere without cameras. Two are professional by trade and one by avocation. Best not to greet them in the morning unless you cast off the bed hair and questionable garments you slept in. Count on three lenses aimed at you like cannons as you exit the kitchen. I’m not posting any of THOSE.


November heralds the beginning of “season” here and the fund raising events begin. Some posts ago I wrote about an organization here called Haiti Community Support.

Sixty artists and photographers from St. Croix and St. John were contacted about donating art for a %100 contribution to raise money for a specific village in Haiti.

Have a look at some wonderful Caribbean art photographs of fellow islander Don Diddams, here who also contributed.

Despite the economic slaughter of everyones’ statements and savings, this event raised $17,000 and every cent of it goes towards food, medicine, clothing and school supplies.

There is a real generosity of heart, will and wallet on this little island and every time I’m part of one these events I feel a pride in humanity.

This was the only painting of mine that didn’t sell at my show last spring and it was the first one to sell this night.

in-front-of-wall-blogSo where’s the fun part?

Enter Larry.


Remember him? Not just your average one night, one dog stand. No, Larry has now been named, and the subject of movies, other peoples’ blogs, and subject of a collective of 4 gigs of memory from three other cameras.

I’m telling you, in 8 years I’ve never seen this. I know it’s the same one as a month ago. The markings on the tail- identical. The behavior-the same. Will only approach my one dog and not the other. We were able to get one inch away from his face and he didn’t budge. In fact, he cocked his head in that beckoning way as if he were posing. I leave him pieces of banana. He comes every day.

Larry is not an anole. He’s a ham.

Have a look here to see Marys’ blog page and her capture of him and more.

As soon as the NY contingent gets back there should be a Larry You Tube coming up.

It wasn’t terrible to catch this pelican flying through a rainbow either…….


Fun’s over, time to get back to painting!