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Extreme Home Takeover

September 16, 2008

This is a female Antillean Bull Finch.

She’s merely adding her flourishes to an already existing nest, which was just laboriously completed and inhabited by a completely different breed of bird: the Bananaquit– our territories’ official bird, below.

Bananaquit photo courtesy of Judy Wolfe thanks, Judy.

I watched this bird build its’ nest, one unidentifiable strand at a time, weaving thin threads with its’ beak ( try tying shoelaces with one hand…) and repeating this for days until the beginnings of a nest started to form.

Hundreds of flights, arranging strands with the precision of an atelier dressmaker, fashioning an entry opening in the bottom of the nest so she can fly under, up and in her home. Safe from predators.

Other aggressors that would want what she worked so long to have.

She settled in, both she and the male taking turns with the finishing touches. Having finished to their satisfaction, they left to find food.

They came back and found the little lady in the top photo, busy re-arranging, modifying, usurping their rights, deciding that she knew what was best for herself and her own family rights and the hell with the others.

Now homeless, the bananaquits have to start this laborious process all over again.

I guess this makes the female bullfinch the official hostile home takeover agent.

Better keep your eye on that other female takeover agent. Seems to be a portent of a parallel of reality.

Thought your home was yours, your rights protected or that you mattered? A lot of bull in that finch.

No art to post- politics is enough to make your blood boil and your hands shake.