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The Gatekeeper- New Painting

December 4, 2008

What good is 4 gigs of memory in a camera card, when you can’t persuade any of your devices to consider a detente and actually perform together?

The card didn’t like the reader, the reader didn’t like the computer. It’s now been reconciled so here are some of the images that were hostages in a 1 inch blue plastic card for two weeks.

The Gatekeeper- Oil on Linen Panel 9″X 12″


Knowing there was going to be lots of green in this ( the dreaded green..) I thought I’d neutralize it by toning the canvas with red- mostly a wash of alizarin and burnt sienna. Here’s part of the process in reverse.

gatekeeper-phase-2-blogI moved around on this one, didn’t concentrate too much on any one area and working it to death by hovering. A recent quote said ” A painting isn’t finished, it’s abandoned.” It takes effort to know when to walk away.

The sketch and photo preceded these and you can see them here.

The colors on the finished one were significantly sharper after Photoshop but some feature of downloading on to the blog seems to have left them looking a little chalky. At least to me.

More than paintings, I know it’s Larry you’re all coming back to see. So not to disappoint…..( Pat, avert your eyes! )

larry-and-banana-blogThat’s a banana slice with some skin still on it.

He waits every morning. Tomorrow, maybe french toast.