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I Had No Idea

July 30, 2008

This is another challenge from the blog Single for a Reason, where the What’s in your Refrigerator query began. Check this link to see what other readers had no idea about.

We use this expression to defend going through a stop sign – ” I had no idea there was a stop sign there “. Or,” I had no idea you hated halvah “. ” I had no idea the latitude of Buffalo and Rome were the same.” And so on.

What had I no idea about? Don’t get me started, I can’t type that much without aggravating carpal tunnel.


I had no idea that these old pottery shards, found in unexpected places here on St. Croix, would come with the history they do and be turned into treasured pendants and jewelry by local gold workers. You can see a section of a windmill in one of the pieces.

Some of these pieces could likely date back to the 1700’s when St. Croix came under Danish rule and later, in the early 1800’s under British rule. The name Chaney is a loose take on the derivation of the word change- used by young boys to trade with one another. They clattered loosely in pockets and made noise like ” change “. The pottery and china was brought here by early settlers and used in the homes of plantation overseers. Hurricanes would likely be what broke and scattered pieces everywhere.

One piece in particular on the right side of the photo shows an intact two out of three mast ship. It turned up in my backyard one day after a big rainfall. It looked like a white piece of plastic, I picked it up, turned it over and was totally surprised. I had no idea this could rise from the wet soil after hundreds of years, like that crazy scene in Poltergeist when the coffins belch upwards from the saturated earth.

The origins of much of the pottery here represents at least three out of the seven flags of ownership that makes St. Croixs’ history. Danish, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Knights of Malta, and since 1917, the US.

Now I had no idea how busy you can keep with a glue gun.