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The “Casablanca” Mirror

February 2, 2009

You all know the scene: Hearts about to break, tears barely contained in the lower eyelids.

One of the best ending lines of a film- watch a brief 31 seconds.

I volunteered to contribute a  frame for a mirror as an auction fundraiser for The Womens’ Coalition of St. Croix.  It’s big- 4 feet by 3 feet and about 4 to 5 inches in width.


The two kids in the mirror are familiar to you, no? Minus the broken hearts and absence of tears. We kid ourselves about the kid part. There were other mirror shapes, some chests, a few doors, some headboards- about 35 in all.

A close-up which does a better job of conveying the method.


Three coats of tomato red orange paint, sanding in between, X-acto cuts of thick black construction paper glued on with Mod Podge ( see, the kid part was a lie, no one under 40 ever heard of it, I’m betting ). Three more coats of varnish.

The trial by fire was the getting the  lettering with 3/8 ” mirror tiles, measuring to fit the Jetsons style wavy edges.

This is what happens when I think of the concept and then have to adapt my ideas to the prowess of my abilities. But the idea was too good to pass up. What does a mirror do when you look in it? It looks back at you.

This is the same organization I did  Chairman Meow for, last year. They provide unending services and support for abused women and children, and after school havens for kids at risk. Theirs’ is a business of heartbreak and tears. This is their biggest annual fund raiser, and to my surprise, the Chairman brought in $2200.00 !!!!

I don’t know what the final bid on the mirror was- I couldn’t stay awake for the long nights’ event ( see, if I really WAS a kid, I could have ) but I donated the full 100% of the bid price. I think the days of giddy bidders may be over.  I’ll find out next week.