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” Holding The Reins ” – A New Painting

July 1, 2010

There’s a very strong cultural connection here on St. Croix between young men and horses. Some of it reflects poorly in the treatment of the animals at the hands of boys who see it as a way to express domination.

But the other side of that is the deep respect and care that’s shown mutually between the species.

” Holding The Reins “ 11 X 14 oil on stretch canvas

( I’ve shot this photo numerous times but it still looks hazy- hmm…)

It surprised me to see very few if any young women here interested in horses. The horse culture in the states is very much female-centric but here it’s quite the opposite. Saddles are a liability in terms of theft so riding is bare bones, bareback.

Seems reins, bridle and butt is all that’s required.

Here’s a local newspaper headline that seemed to miss the point.

I mean, wouldn’t you HOPE that’s what he’d do?

For Cloud lovers- she didn’t miss a point although I missed a sock.