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What’s in Your Refrigerator?

July 11, 2008

This funny topic was brought to our screens by the Jack-in-the Box mentality of the zany, philosophical, witty, creative owner of the blog “ Single for a Reason“. This challenge was preceded by ” What’s On Your Refrigerator”, which I can’t qualify for since ours is stainless and magnets don’t stick, and tape won’t hold because of the humidity.

This is my entry.

Yikes- what is that yolk colored, pear shaped object on the top shelf? It’s a local fruit called an egg fruit and it’s official name is Canistel. It has the consistency of cheesecake and is beyond sweet. We use them in smoothies.

Notice the bottom shelf and the pink plastic wrap. It’s protecting the precious bounty I brought back home with me from NY- Parmigiano Reggiano! Five big bricks of it. I’m surprised the airport beagles didn’t stand at attention when THAT box rolled through.

Mango seasons’ in full swing- see the started one left to dry up? Who cares- there’s bowls of them. Take note of the recipe suggestion from our local Botanical Garden that hosts its’ annual Mango Melee event in early July:

Simple enough even for kitchen klutzes.

If it appears that the contents display mostly unrecognizable condiments, it’s because this shot was taken when I just got home after being away for more than 3 weeks. Husbands’ food shopping requirements are seriously less well-balanced than wives’. There IS a Red Stripe beer- and purple cabbage, so I suppose they cancel each other out.

Some of the other fruit not in the refrigerator but so pretty to look at.

Too much time away and not enough time painting, prompted a quick, just do something so you don’t get painters’ bends if you come up too quickly, brings this:

Will the day come that I’d rather paint fruit than eat it……….