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A Rash Of Red Dots

December 20, 2010

And it’s not chicken pox.

Our winter season finally came with cool temperatures, the long awaited Christmas Winds ( the good winds, not the hurricane winds ) and the debut of the opening of Bassin Fine Art. As is the case here every year, too many events on conflicting dates often diminish the numbers of people who pass through town. Parking lots full, street closings or too many other attractions. In spite of all of those hurdles, so far I’ve seen 5 of my paintings be afflicted with the red dot syndrome.

Clearly, if you want your  work to present well, have great lighting. Check.

Invest in the best frames you can buy. Check. ( thanks to Randy Higbee at King of Frames ) Randy’s frames and service make it all worthwhile. As many people commented on the quality of the frames as appreciated the gallery and the paintings.

Be lucky enough to have a professionally run gallery and gallery owner (s ) support your work. Check.

Thanks to Sam Dike and Ted Davis of D & D Studio on St. Croix for offering me their opening show.

Ted and Sam

( photo credit- Ted Davis )

Most of all, the buyers. Thank You, Thank You.

The man in my painting- the second painting I’ve done with him – wonderful man, great subject.



Thanks too for my dear son’s visit from NY to share the experience.

Closing out the year with gratitude, appreciation, friends, health, resolutions before January 1st, and a glance at cranberry chutney, done up island style- with carombola ( star fruit ).

Oh, and of course……..THEM!

Happy Holidays to all and a New Year of Peace and Joy wherever and however you find it.