Second Cover- Gouache and Ink

The second cover completed but shown only in stages. Can’t reveal the finished piece until it’s published in September.

just the sunset

I used gouache for it’s richness of color, washiness similar to water color, and it’s compatibility for canvas board and drying quickly. It had to be finished and photo ready- can’t use oils.

Theme: Sunset Jazz in Frederiksted

. Once a month, the best local jazz performers hold an informal concert as the sun sets on the western end of the island. We bring chairs, blankets, Off, ( what did you think? ), and open ears. Free, and delightful.

I did small studies in a notebook to establish a color story and rescue my watercolor technique from the morgue. The beauty of gouache is that you can water it down or lay it on.

Did a larger sketch to place the key figures and work out details.

color wash sketch sunset jazz

Then I hit the canvas board with pen and ink, ready to place the actual colors on the finished piece.

sunset jazz B&W

So now you’ve got hair and make-up but you can’t see the dress until the not fat lady at the magazine says ” I’m Singing “.

It’s otherwise  summer torpor,


new puppyitis,

with elephant

and watching geckos eating mangos.

One more secret confession: I’ve sold a painting that also can’t be revealed as it’s a surprise from the person who bought it to someone who reads this blog.

More fodder for a September post.

19 Responses to “Second Cover- Gouache and Ink”

  1. Nancy Moskovitz Says:

    If you were to somehow project this video in a black box within a black box so that viewer peeks in to view, and gave it an enigmatic title, and called it an audio and visual installation,……you could get into a good art show. Trust me on this.
    Congrats on your sale!!

  2. Donald Diddams Says:

    Great news on the sale! I’ll be anxiously awaiting publication of the next issues of St. Croix This Week!
    That’s one cute dog (with sharp puppy teeth) and one fat mango-eating gecko. I think Nancy’s right– package it up and call it art!

  3. Carol King Says:

    Oh My! It’s the blog of mystery and secrets!!!! I’m so excited about the covers and can’t wait to see them finished and printed! The “teasers” look good.

    And little Cloud looks like an angel.

    I will not comment on the lizard. (Yuck)

  4. Mary Sheehan Winn Says:

    congrats on the mystery sale, Bonnie.
    Love yer critters, too.

  5. Marian Fortunati Says:

    Life is good, huh, Bonnie!!!

    Satisfying work, no hurricanes, sales, commissions… happy family… interesting visitors…


  6. wrjones Says:

    A serial painting strip. Gives us something to look forward to. Cloud looks like he is on to some good weed. Do you and he smoke to keep the mosquitoes away?

  7. Jala Pfaff Says:

    “New puppyitis”–ha! 😀
    Love those short little leggies.

    The gecko eating mango vid needs to go viral. Seriously. First, it’s all like some kind of X-rated slo-mo thing, then suddenly at the end, it’s like, Whoa Nellie! It’s a crocodile! Freeeeaked me out.

    When I was a kid in Miami and in Michigan, we used Off. It never worked. I was always covered in mosquito bites that I’d itch ’till they bled. The only thing that works on me is that cancer-causing stuff, Deet.

  8. Jala Pfaff Says:

    P.S. Forgot to say: Awesome artwork!!

  9. w1kkp Says:

    From the bottom to the top of the post:

    Well, for God’s sake! It has taken me two looks at this video to actually see the geiko. I thought the whole brown mass was the creature and truly it was giving me nightmares at that massive scale. Ok, now, I see it. Still creeps me out.

    Why can’t I live in St. Croix and have music and sunsets for free, well, almost free…you have to buy “Off”.

    What do watercolors offer that that gouache does not? Just curious.

    Why can’t I live in St. Croix so I can see the September magazine hot off the press?

    Here’s why I can’t live in St. Croix: I have to be bomb blasted out of my house to go to NYC never mind 1600 miles away. Besides, when I have your art and Don’s, I can just log on, spray some “Off” on me, and enjoy the Jazz and the view.

  10. Bonnie Luria Says:

    In reverse order:

    Pat, the fact that you even know we are 1600 miles away tells me you’ve done some research. You know, Don and I are big lures. We could, if we chose to, put out an APB in the Franklin area and insist you get down here.
    Wouldn’t that be swell?
    Oh, except for the geckos.

    Jala- maybe I better give the gecko thing a rest if I’m ever hoping to lure YOU to this sanctuary of all things fauna.
    I believe that Cloud would be more than compensation.

    Bill- my dog chooses not to inhale and I respect that in her.
    I, on the other hand, inhale, but don’t exhale.

    Marian- interesting visitors to be sure, and you might be one of them someday. I’m hoping……..

    Mary, whew, finally someone who shares my interest/attraction to critters. Thanks for validating my curiosity.

    Carol- by the time you arrive (see people, someone I know actually DOES come here to visit ), both covers will be out and every stand depleted of all the free issues as I hoard them to mail to friends/family/and first grade teacher.
    Oh, she’s probably dead 30 years already.

    Don, if anyone can package up an image and call it art, it’s YOU. You’re welcome to come over at dusk and see this in person behind your very own lens.

    Nancy- you, who started this call it art thing. I’ve actually had this guy take mango out of my hand ( snatch it a more descriptive verb ) but couldn’t simultaneously get my video camera operational.
    It’s a two person event.

  11. Joanne Says:

    You are definitely a busy girl!!! We have so much to look forward to in September with all these secrets being revealed – how exciting! By the way – that gecko looks HUGE. And is he ever fast! I have only ever been able to observe smaller ones. When we were in Costa Rica for a holiday, one was our house pet, eating insects that we really would rather not see. And as for Cloud – well, if “cute” ever had a name, it has to be Cloud.

  12. planetross Says:

    I’ll be waiting at the door for the post officer to deliver this painting. It must have been w1kkp or Donald Diddams who bought it for me!

  13. razzbuffnik Says:

    I love the dog shot! She looks crazed….. I mean that in a good way.

  14. Frank Gardner Says:

    Hi Bonnie. That Jazz piece looks interesting. Can’t wait to see how it came out.
    I wish I had a view like that, clouds and all.
    Love your new dog.

  15. Bonnie Luria Says:

    Joanne- yup that gecko is about 8 inches long and one of about 12 of them that lurk above our deck- skulking out at dusk. This one is the only one that comes for food though.
    Luckily, or I’d be running a gecko deli.

    That puppy is becoming a web celeb. She deserves Purina endorsements.

    Ross-did I ever mention that until I knew your name, I wondered what a plane tross was? So I hope you don’t mind that I misspelled your name on the gift that’s coming.

    Razz- she is crazed in how pink and white her being is. She’s quite calm and zen like for a small dog with clear terrier DNA.

    Thanks Frank- I’m expecting the finished covers to be out of publishing by the end of September. If they did a good job interpreting the colors and the detail, I’ll post it.
    And the view? Listen, if you had a view of a broom closet, you’d turn out paintings that scream.
    And I’ve seen those rancho photos- you’re blessed too.

  16. Paz Says:

    fun painting. i can hear the music right now.

    cute cloud.

    congrats on your sale. 😉


  17. Eldon Says:

    I’ll be tuning in to see what’s going on with the art work. And it sounds really cool to sit out on a beach and listen to Jazz. How could it possibly be any better?

  18. Bonnie Luria Says:

    Eldon- thanks for checking in. Free music, blankets and chairs on the sand and friends you don’t see otherwise.
    It’s a highlight of our island community.

  19. Kelly Gloger Says:

    Yes my love, your husband is reading your blog and I vote with your mom on the Piska (spelling?). A woman with some secrets is more appealing that one with none – there is always more to learn about the person you love. May the eternal mystery continue!

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