New York Frames of Mine


Returning to my home city of NY is like being the observer of your own dream. You’re both the participant and the watcher. I’m from it but no longer of it.

This foggy, misty night scene is just outside the window where I stay with my good friend Judy of Lobos’ Rants Blog.

My two week tour through familiar streets and many now unfamiliar streets ends tonight.

New York needs no additional PR from me. It is it’s own best agent.


Atomic radishes on the left, smaller beets on the right.


Rainbow chard in case simple green doesn’t appeal to your aesthetics.


Sign in a restaurant window, or what to do with that chard.


Because it’s not the Hamptons

beetle copy

And because while eating outside, this fellow landed, right out of the central casting that is my life, on my camera strap! A reminder that I’m heading back home tomorrow. The god of props works overtime in NYC!

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14 Responses to “New York Frames of Mine”

  1. Noel Luria Says:

    Being the second-shift cruise director has left me tired, but more than that, it has me already missing you terribly.

    Have a safe trip back home Mom. I love you much. -Noel

  2. Carol King Says:

    Bonnalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, We will miss you!!!!! So glad you came home for a while. New York loves you!

  3. Donald Diddams Says:

    And now as you leave New York for St. Croix, you can have that odd sensation of feeling homesick for two places at once… There is nowhere like New York, and your pictures show it. Such a cornicopia of food, people, sights, sounds. Even that beautiful bicycle. No, not the Hamptons, but more interesting because it’s not!
    Safe travel!

  4. melissa billinghay Says:


    We are sorry we missed you! Getting ready to go out of town, going, enjoying and returning consumed almost the entire month! I do hope we can keep in touch and on the next trip be here to greet you.

    Lots of love,

  5. w1kkp Says:

    I love love love that opening paragraph. Deeevine.

    And, holy cats to that son, the second shift cruise director.

    A man who speaks his heart. I know his mother is all I can say.

    I love rainbow chard!!

  6. planetross Says:

    I’m with W1kkp: I like the opening paragraph as well.

    When I go back to where I grew up, it’s like seeing the set from a classic movie, but it’s being used in a different movie now that I don’t really know.

  7. w1kkp Says:

    Cheeseman,)I know Bonnie won’t mind if I speak directly to you through her)…your comment is sweet writing, too, just like Bonnie’s opening paragraph. Gives me an idea for a summer blog series!

    I wanna go back to my roots: beer and space aliens in the frig!

  8. Bonnie Luria Says:

    Carol- loved being back. Next sighting of ours is down here. We’ll be bobbing like corks.

    Don- that’s a wonderfully accurate assessment- being lonely for two places at once. That’s exactly the feeling. The bedeviled conflict of contrasts to be sure.

    Pat- twice- and you can speak for me and through me any time.
    Yes, that son is all and more.
    The city is a never ending beat of progress, efficiency, lunacy, extravagance, practicality and enough activity for a planet of ADD patients.
    Once you step out of it for a length of time, it’s hard to consider getting back in. Like forgetting the dance steps.

    Now I’ve forgotten the Crucian dance steps and need a day or two to get my rhythm back.

    A summer blog series- why not? You thought it would never come.

    Ross- thanks for stopping in with your calling card of familiarity. You too have made a big change in your locale.
    And Pats’ comment about the space aliens brought me right back to THAT old movie.
    I’m overdue on a visit to your blog which is just so outrageous that some days I feel I can’t even add anything.

  9. Nava Says:

    And to think I’ve never been to New York… I fully relate to how you feel when you visit. no longer belonging to what was your home town or country, and not quite belonging to where you currently live. On good days, it can be looked at as being an eternal tourist. On lesser days, well…

    Loved the photos, and highly appreciated the restaurant sign.

  10. razzbuffnik Says:

    It’s always instructive to leave where one grew up and then to return years later. I’m my case, I left my country for 11 years and when I came back, it was like seeing it for the first time.

    Now I love where I live because I know other parts of the world and it makes me realise how good “home” is, rather than just saying I love a place because I was born there and didn’t know any better.

  11. wrjones Says:

    Great photos – waiting for you to get home and paint/post.

  12. Jala Pfaff Says:

    Ewwww….bat guano and a beetley thing.

    On the other hand, what incredibly awesome life drawings!!

    I love that home cookin’ sign. Very New York, isn’t it? Have you seen the documentary “I Like Killing Flies”?

    Huffing oil paint definitely recommended for painting momentum. ;D

  13. Alan Says:

    AWESOME pictures! 🙂

  14. Anthony T Says:

    I love the cover…

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