Fund Raisers and Fun Raisers in St. Croix

Three friends were here visiting last week- one from NYC and two from Massachusetts. All three go nowhere without cameras. Two are professional by trade and one by avocation. Best not to greet them in the morning unless you cast off the bed hair and questionable garments you slept in. Count on three lenses aimed at you like cannons as you exit the kitchen. I’m not posting any of THOSE.


November heralds the beginning of “season” here and the fund raising events begin. Some posts ago I wrote about an organization here called Haiti Community Support.

Sixty artists and photographers from St. Croix and St. John were contacted about donating art for a %100 contribution to raise money for a specific village in Haiti.

Have a look at some wonderful Caribbean art photographs of fellow islander Don Diddams, here who also contributed.

Despite the economic slaughter of everyones’ statements and savings, this event raised $17,000 and every cent of it goes towards food, medicine, clothing and school supplies.

There is a real generosity of heart, will and wallet on this little island and every time I’m part of one these events I feel a pride in humanity.

This was the only painting of mine that didn’t sell at my show last spring and it was the first one to sell this night.

in-front-of-wall-blogSo where’s the fun part?

Enter Larry.


Remember him? Not just your average one night, one dog stand. No, Larry has now been named, and the subject of movies, other peoples’ blogs, and subject of a collective of 4 gigs of memory from three other cameras.

I’m telling you, in 8 years I’ve never seen this. I know it’s the same one as a month ago. The markings on the tail- identical. The behavior-the same. Will only approach my one dog and not the other. We were able to get one inch away from his face and he didn’t budge. In fact, he cocked his head in that beckoning way as if he were posing. I leave him pieces of banana. He comes every day.

Larry is not an anole. He’s a ham.

Have a look here to see Marys’ blog page and her capture of him and more.

As soon as the NY contingent gets back there should be a Larry You Tube coming up.

It wasn’t terrible to catch this pelican flying through a rainbow either…….


Fun’s over, time to get back to painting!

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30 Responses to “Fund Raisers and Fun Raisers in St. Croix”

  1. Noel Luria Says:

    Blood Clot! Way to go! You make the world a better place. At least mine……….

  2. Judy (Reggie's sister) Says:

    Oh, my gosh I love the pelican picture!!!!

    Your painting is great and what a wonderful cause. It is nice to use your talents that way!

  3. Nava Says:

    Great painting for a good cause, wonderful photo, happy artist and – above all – I sense a interspecific love story here in the making (although to the untrained eye, your dog seems to be playing hard to get).

  4. Don Says:

    Your painting should have sold first! it shone like a beacon.

    Thanks for the plug!

  5. w1kkp Says:

    Aww, Noel Luria, could I rent you to make comments on my blog? Pretend you are my relative? What’s a slight, teeniest tiniest of deceptions between admirers of your Mom? I couldn’t agree with you more about her making the world a better place, either!

  6. bonnieluria Says:

    Thanks Noel- always first on the comment board. Glad I freshen up your world.

    Judy- so funny, I was just on Reggies’ site when your message came in. Thanks for checking in here. St. Croix does pull people together.

    Nava- very astute observation about the dog. She is indifferent which displays a bit more ennui than hard to get.

    Don- I wanted to share your work with friends and readers. And now….yup, feel the pressure to produce?

  7. wrjones Says:

    You have such a great combination of beautiful smile and great painting skills. Actually I’m surprised the painting lasted until now. Better get to hopping for next years show. Can I come? Don’t tell Carol – she will try to sell someone an unfinished Autumn Leaves piece.

  8. bonnieluria Says:

    Pat- Noel would easily welcome you into the Luria DNA club with maybe a wee bit of pretending – he’s 6’1″ but we could claim it was from the other side.
    This blog is a better place after you leave your comments. Always.

    Bill-If I could sell a smile, believe me, it comes much easier than painting. But I continue to do both.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I think we should plan a ” surge ” on St. Croix next year of all the faithful and faithless bloggers we know.
    The surge worked before, right?

  9. david lobenberg Says:

    That is one cute lizard. May I call him comrade Larry Lizard? Congrats on the sold painting and the worthy event. Here in Sacramento, we are trying to get turkey donations to the Sacramento Food Bank. Indeed, hard times for so many people. On a lighter note, I made a suggestion to W. R. based on your latest comment at “Onpainting”.

  10. JoAnn Says:

    Beautiful painting, good cause! But we really want to see what you didn’t post . . .

  11. Noel Luria Says:

    Pelicans and Rainbows, hmmmmm, sounds like a Prince song. Via con Dios Senor Larry III.

  12. nathaliewithanh Says:

    Bonnie, your lizard is skinny! You need to find worms for him. My office lizard got so fat he could not stick to windows anymore. He would climb up and fall. Funny and sad at the same time.

    Love the painting! I like when you paint models wearing traditional garbs. (You look really really really happy to have your friends there!)

    The pelican photo is awesome!!!

  13. bonnieluria Says:

    nathalie- maybe we should rename him/her Thin Lizzy.
    It’s not from a short supply of food. Bugs a plenty and I put bananas out there.

    That pelican moment was just good luck in how it was timed but thank you.

  14. nathaliewithanh Says:

    Thin Lizzy! Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. bonnieluria Says:

    David- saw your comment and I have to say I’m flattered to be listed as a ” tagee ” with the other artists you’ve mentioned and thank you.
    If I can think of anything original to say or add I’ll jump in the game.
    Comrade Larry is in his same place, every day. Incredible.

    JoAnn- unfortunately the unpublished photos have traveled back to the states with their owners and have wisely been formatted by now. Or going to the Enquirer. See your grocery store check out line.

  16. Paz Says:

    Love all the photos! Go ahead and post the other ones mentioned in the first paragraph. Congrats on making that sale at the fund raiser.

    Paz XOXO

    P.S. I sent you an email but it came back twice. *sniff*

  17. bonnieluria Says:

    Paz- my email changed when our server was changed. It’s now
    luriaslure at gmail dot com.

    Please try again.

  18. Jala Pfaff Says:

    Thank you so much for welcoming me to Blog Land For Artists! What a warm and wonderful feeling, to be welcomed by a “total stranger” to a new electronic universe.
    I’ve been popping around all over your own blog today at random…things that come to mind: the anole who loves your dog; What’s In Your Refrigerator? (what was that weird fruit on the top shelf again?); the mating lizards; the caterpillars (Oh my god, I myself cannot ever, ever, ever live in the tropics. A couple of weeks in Costa Rica with all the creepy-crawlies, and I couldn’t stop scratching at imagined bugs all over me for the next month); and of course all your lovely paintings!

  19. bonnieluria Says:

    Jala- that weird fruit is called an egg fruit or canastel. Egg fruit is the local name. It’s sweet, and has the consistency of cheesecake.
    It’s bright orange on the inside and we use it for smoothies, I once made an actual cheesecake with it and it was so good it would make you forget about crawly things.
    Or maybe not.
    You do adapt. Or you’d have to leave.

    Hope you’ll come back to visit electronically. Fewer bugs that way.
    Thanks for leaving this lovely comment.

  20. carolking Says:


    Sorry I’m late getting to this posting. My body is in NYC but my brain is still on an Island somewhere in the Caribbean!
    Love the painting and the picture of you standing next to it with the RED DOT! The painting is beautiful, but you are more so.
    Oh, what I would give to have been there with J, M & E! Hopefully next year. It was 26 degrees today when I went out to walk the dog.

  21. Frank Gardner Says:

    Hi Bonnie. I love fundraisers and seeing you with that red dot behind you makes me smile.
    I have tagged you on my blog. I know you have seen it going around. I don’t think you have been hit lately.

  22. Eldon Says:

    Hi Bonnie. Those fund raisers are a lot of fun. I do at least a couple every year and it’s a good feeling to come away knowing I’ve helped out. It’s fun, also, to see a picture of you so I know who I’m visiting with. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for letting us all see.

  23. bonnieluria Says:

    Gee, Frank- how can I thank you.
    I’m hard pressed to think of 7 things. I think I’ve forgotten most of them. Maybe I could write about ginko…..
    This tagging virus spreads like the flu.
    Anyway, I am flattered.
    I like your spin on which one of your 8 is a fib. Keeps it interesting.
    Maybe I’ll steal that idea in reverse and ask which one is for real.

    Eldon- thanks for becoming a regular. It keeps the pressure on to paint and not just read interesting blogs.
    We have fundraisers here just about every week. You pick and choose because they’re all worthy but it’s impossible to do them all.
    Seasonal rotation, like crops. Seems to work best.

  24. Frank Gardner Says:

    Ha, that would be good. It’s easier to come up with the baloney.
    Thought I would spice it up a bit with that twist. Yes, make it interesting!
    I see you did not speculate as to which is the lie.

  25. Mary Sheehan Winn Says:

    Thanks for posting the photo of you looking really happy. This is a wonderful post. Love your Larry the lizard showing up for a snack everyday. I photographed a tiny lizard in my laundry room in Florida and he cocked his head at me just as you said. He wasn’t any bigger than the tip of my little finger. Just amazing.
    Hey, doing the tag list with fibs is a great idea! Since I’ve been tagged also, I think I’ll do it. And, I won’t tag you again but I’ll give you a mention ๐Ÿ™‚
    That is a beautiful painting!

  26. razzbuffnik Says:

    Most people would be worried about red spots but I know you artists love them!

    Well done, nice painting and I love the developing lizard story.

  27. bonnieluria Says:

    Mary- thanks for dropping by again and your kind words about the post. I really admire your work.

    The tag thing! Yikes- thanks for not hitting me. I’ve gotten three in the past week and can’t think of another thing to say about myself. Unless of course I copy Frank. But that would be blogerism! ( made up word, don’t try to look it up on Google ).

    I appreciate the mention….:-)

    Razz- oh yes, red dots are our favorite color and shape.
    Like giving a dog a bone. Maybe better.
    Continue watching- there’s a lizard movie ( short one ) coming to this blog very very soon )

  28. wrjones Says:

    Carol says I can’t come see you. I hope she NEVER loses those lbs added during her cruise.

  29. Marian Fortunati Says:

    Sounds like you’re loving life and that’s as it should be!! Great fun and great friends with photos and art… What could be better. Larry is a kick!

    Oh by the way… I tagged you. I also see that Frank tagged you too. So if /when you decided to tell us your deep dark secrets… (Everything about you life seems unusual and wonderful to me..), you only have to do it once. Check out his blog for the rules … (I haven’t yet posted it on the regular website blog but will later this week)….. And by the way…. I thank you so much for your encouraging comments. Marian

  30. S. Le Says:

    Larry is nearly as awesome as you are.

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