What’s in Your Refrigerator?

This funny topic was brought to our screens by the Jack-in-the Box mentality of the zany, philosophical, witty, creative owner of the blog “ Single for a Reason“. This challenge was preceded by ” What’s On Your Refrigerator”, which I can’t qualify for since ours is stainless and magnets don’t stick, and tape won’t hold because of the humidity.

This is my entry.

Yikes- what is that yolk colored, pear shaped object on the top shelf? It’s a local fruit called an egg fruit and it’s official name is Canistel. It has the consistency of cheesecake and is beyond sweet. We use them in smoothies.

Notice the bottom shelf and the pink plastic wrap. It’s protecting the precious bounty I brought back home with me from NY- Parmigiano Reggiano! Five big bricks of it. I’m surprised the airport beagles didn’t stand at attention when THAT box rolled through.

Mango seasons’ in full swing- see the started one left to dry up? Who cares- there’s bowls of them. Take note of the recipe suggestion from our local Botanical Garden that hosts its’ annual Mango Melee event in early July:

Simple enough even for kitchen klutzes.

If it appears that the contents display mostly unrecognizable condiments, it’s because this shot was taken when I just got home after being away for more than 3 weeks. Husbands’ food shopping requirements are seriously less well-balanced than wives’. There IS a Red Stripe beer- and purple cabbage, so I suppose they cancel each other out.

Some of the other fruit not in the refrigerator but so pretty to look at.

Too much time away and not enough time painting, prompted a quick, just do something so you don’t get painters’ bends if you come up too quickly, brings this:

Will the day come that I’d rather paint fruit than eat it……….

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20 Responses to “What’s in Your Refrigerator?”

  1. judylobo Says:

    Loved this entry and so glad I could supply even more color to your already jam-packed fridge with my pink Saran Wrap. I would take a photo of my fridge to sned back to you but there is nothing but liquids and blueberries in it since you left Casa Lobo.

  2. Nava Says:

    Nice juicy painting.

    So – what are these curious-looking pinkish fruit next to the carambola (AKA starfruit)?

  3. w1kkp Says:

    Oh, now, this is a fine way to wake up on a Saturday morning!! Your fruits in and out of fridge are like visitors from a foreign planet to me. I was putting my face up to the screen closer to see them better. Hilarious. Ah, Pat….ummm….that really doesn’t work on a computer screen…settle down. Alright, but those fruits outside the fridge? I thought they were colored easter eggs at first and I thought Oh, Bonnie, still has her easter eggs, too!”

    And, your fruit painting? Please, it’s a series if I ever saw one. I was in a fabulous kitchen the other day that had an enormous painting of a purple something, it looked like a pear but maybe it was something else. So some fabuloso could buy the original and then you could figure out a way to have Martha Stewart market the rest!

    Now, if I could just begin at home with a little of this entrepreneurship!!

  4. bonnieluria Says:

    Hi Nava- most people only know star fruit as star fruit and not Carambola. You know your fruits!
    The pink ones are called Wax Jambu or Java Apple- check this link to find a great source of all tropical fruit and info about them:

    Thanks for visiting again.

    Pat- it’s you who have started this Niagra like deluge into artistic insanity and how can I thank you?

    Of all the still lifes that I might decide to paint, fruit is the subject that captures my interest the most. Or easter eggs.
    You are your own best product. nothing more to market, just keep marketing YOU!
    I’d like one for myself- maybe a hybrid you, for the sake of the environment.
    Or a solar you. Or a 6 pack you. Or best of all, a lifetime you.

  5. bonnieluria Says:

    Judy- we never guessed your pink plastic wrap would have been published and already viewed in Galway Ireland and Slovenia!

  6. epicurienne Says:

    Hi there, I’m loving this fridge thing of Pat’s and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! This way we get to see foods and products from all over the world… and get to know the tastes of our blog-pals.
    BTW thank you for the mango recipe. The English summer is pretty dismal at the moment, grey and threatening rain outside. Put it this way, I’m wearing a fleece so to think of dribbling mango juice in a deck chair made me warm inside and now all I can think of is orange fruit!

  7. razzbuffnik Says:

    I’ve seen those Canistel (they are called Sapote) occasionally in the stores here but I’ve never had one. Now that I’ve read your description I can’t wait to try one next time I see them.

  8. bonnieluria Says:

    Hi Razz- yes- Sapote and Mamey Sapote. They have a remarkable texture which is perfect for a tropical version of cheesecake which I tried last year ( it’s incredibly sweet and thick and firm, creamy )
    It cooks down with the deepest of yellow orange hue and makes such an impressive presentation.
    . I topped it with slices of star fruit in a mosaic like pattern on the top.
    Have at it- it’s really unusual and you can add it to your already substantial repertoire.
    Maybe it’s time to do a tropical themed dinner party?

  9. nathaliewithanh Says:

    No wonder you look so good: it’s all healthy stuff in there! Where is the peanut butter? The Red Bull? The cheese cake? The refrigerated melted Kit-Kat bars? There is no decadence in this fridge (besides the beer – but that’s not even semi-decadent!) This makes me feel like Ancient Rome all by myself…

    What is your next painting endeavor? A self-portrait for your long-OVERDUE meme perhaps?

  10. carolking Says:

    wow, what a healthy looking inside of a fridge. My fridge has about 25 bottles of beer (not mine) A martini shaker (mine) and some left over rice and beans.

    Love the fruit painting. You always inspire me. Maybe I’ll go get some fruit and try a painting.

  11. Paz Says:

    Yum! Yum! Yum! I WANT some mango right now!

    LOL! I’m glad you were able to get your parmagiano reggiano past the dogs. πŸ˜‰


  12. wrjones Says:

    I like the fruit painting and you do have an organized frig.

  13. Bill Sharp Says:

    I’m glad to know you made it back home safely. It looks to me like a pretty healthy larder. Hearing you talk about tropical fruit reminds me of the fruit I ate when I was in Costa Rica. It resembled the fruit we get in our grocery store at home but turned up to 11.

    That’s a nice juicy painting as well.

  14. bonnieluria Says:

    Hi Bill- tropical fruit is so very different in, well, the tropics than it is after it’s shipped to the states.
    It’s one of the benefits of trade-offs that we have to offset the insanely high prices of food that gets shipped here and is old when it arrives.

    Thanks for stopping by here again.

  15. w1kkp Says:

    I figure you are painting. If not, it’s time to clean out the fridge.

    (Advice given from one who just threw out a barbecued chicken dated June 27 2008.

  16. bonnieluria Says:

    Pat- that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not the refrigerator part.
    I just bought oil paints and am trying them for the first time in, well, more than a few presidential terms.

    Your challenges have made it around to quite a few places!

    PS- most of the food here is already DATED June 28th when you buy it July 12th. I never shop without my glasses on.

  17. razzbuffnik Says:

    Time to start growing your own food.

  18. bonnieluria Says:

    Razz- we have tried but it’s very dry here, and those that can do it, have wells or ponds.
    Our house water comes from rainfall into our cistern. If it doesn’t rain for months which is happening now, we have to buy water and have it delivered.
    So instead, we support local growers and buy as much here as people will grow.

  19. TerryC Says:

    I LOVE that mango sunshine recipe from Joanne! It’s too cute!

    And how brave of you to bare your fridge contents to the world!

    We have a very large fridge which isn’t too full, but has lots of dog and cat food in various cans and bowls. (Goliath hasn’t finished his…Bebe will eat it tomorrow, Yogi cat hasn’t been around in a couple of days, so the can isn’t empty yet).

    The small fridge drove me crazy – we couldn’t find stuff jammed in the back behind the “critter clutter”.

  20. bonnieluria Says:

    Terry- larger refrigerators are like large pursed and large closets. It means you amass more crap, and then, can never find anything.
    You also have a much larger family πŸ™‚ than we do! Bless your heart.

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