And What Will YOU Be Wearing This Year?

7-flags-carnival-blog.jpg-This chap is carrying some impressive body adornment around!
He’s representing the 7 flags of St. Croix’s history of ownership under the rule of the Spanish, Dutch, English, French, Knights of Malta, Denmark and finally the US from 1917 until present. This rich history is one of the unique aspects of life on this island.
It’s a soup pot in the Caribbean, somewhat unspoiled ( so far..), a little bit urbane ( 2 Kmarts and Home Depot on the way ) and very culturally diverse.

redrenaissanceblog.jpg-Body adornment is as old as history. I never cared for history as a school subject but ironically have found myself re-creating it in my work. These are hand painted necklaces that I made- one recently and the other some years ago.
botticelliblog.jpg-I was looking to create an icon, something that looked like a relic that had been unearthed and ancient.
After painting the stones ( yes, they’re painted on stones ), I worked with a jeweler to fabricate the settings that I designed to go around the stones.
I still wear them sometimes when my neck isn’t too stiff from sitting in front of my easel painting. Larger. I don’t want to work under magnification anymore. I’ll leave that to micro-surgeons.

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3 Responses to “And What Will YOU Be Wearing This Year?”

  1. carolking Says:

    You painted those on STONES? Or did you say you were STONED when you painted them? You are truly amazing.

    Oh, and I will be wearing all the flags of every nationality living in NYC. I won’t be able to stand up!

  2. carolking Says:

    MALTA? St. Croix was ruled by MALTA?

  3. nmoskovitz Says:

    Hi Bonnie

    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll……..and for such an inviting description! nancy

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