Tropical Winter

rainbowolga.jpg An unexpected, unseasonal arrival of Tropical Storm Olga brought dramatic winds and horizontal rains. And a stunning rainbow emerging from dusky clouds-over Annaly Bay on St, Croix, USVI.


In,weather like this, dogs become anxious, kitties canoodle.

3 Responses to “Tropical Winter”

  1. Carol Says:

    The Rainbow is amazing, but those cats just kill me! They are always cuddling!

  2. elise Says:

    Those cats are lucky ducks to have each other!
    Nice rainbow, Bonnie. We’re bracing for 6-10 inches of snow here. Where would you rather be??

  3. maryschwalm Says:

    I know where I’d rather be! Rainbows don’t need to be removed by shovel from the driveway! Great view, looking forward to seeing it again soon!

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