“When the Rooster Crows at the Break of Dawn…”


Think of all the ways you have ever implemented the process of waking in the morning. Most likely: alarm clock. Perhaps the front desk with a wake-up call so you don’t miss your flight. Remember when mom used to be the bearer of that bad news? Maybe your own internal clock lets you know when you’re through counting sheep and blinking your way through REM cycles. But unless you grew up on a farm or a ranch, it’s unlikely that you’d be awakened, every day, at 4:30AM by an unseen rooster. Unless you live here. Where geese are used instead of dogs to guard your home.Hidden somewhere in the dense bush that surrounds our house is an errant rooster whose sole function, other than jumping in a pot with vegetables and the contents of a bottle of wine, is to goad us in to consciousness waaaay before we intended to do that for ourselves. Baskets with rocks lined the perimeter of the deck so when the piercing chorus started again, there was some satisfaction in getting out of bed and pelting the invisible but very audible creature with a well practiced lob. We had the good bottle of wine. We knew we could get fresh vegetables at the La Reine farmers’ market. All we were missing was the rooster. Seems after months, the only way he would be captured was on my canvas. He either died of old age, was henpecked, or taken out by some other neighbor whose M.O. entailed more precise and modern methods than a box of rocks. I like him much better on the 12X12. This painting is sold.

synchronized-kitties.jpg-Now these two are what we get up to every morning. It’s still early but it’s not 4:30. It’s a leisurely 5:45. I think with the additional time, I can keep this blog somewhat current.

One Response to ““When the Rooster Crows at the Break of Dawn…””

  1. Carol King Says:

    Beautiful painting. And those cats kill me! They are always sleeping! LOL

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