No Problem, Is.



I did this rough sketch last year of a very well known musician here on St. Croix named Jamsie. He’s shown with a dried gourd that provides the unique sound that identifies his music as Quelbe` or scratch. He’s the oldest working performer and at 79, he still plays often. I liked the sketch, done roughly in acrylic and liked it so much, that I didn’t know when to stop. Essentially, I ruined it. That WAS a problem.


It’s better that the real Jamsie lives on and my painting died.

-No Problem is the least generous, non-thoughtful response to” Thank You ” that a person can say. It contains two words- NO and PROBLEM. Two negatives in a two word sentence. How good could THAT be? It’s everywhere! I know it’s hopeless but can’t we petition to bring” You’re Welcome “back into conversations? OK, so the phrase ” My Pleasure ” is pushing the civility and believability limits but NO PROBLEM? Five minutes from now it could be a problem, but oh lucky you, you caught me in a moment of lighthearted jocularity so right now it’s NO PROBLEM.

Chili Pepper obviously really has No Problem (s)




3 Responses to “No Problem, Is.”

  1. Carol Says:

    WHAT are you talking about????? Jamsie is excellent. I think you really captured the feeling and excitement of a “scratch” musician. You are too hard on yourself. I like Jamsie!

  2. judith wolfe Says:

    There seems to be ‘no problem’ that you cannot solve in your creative pursuits. You go girl! Love, Chili Pepper. He has the right idea about life.

  3. maryschwalm Says:

    I can’t wait to hear a little of Jamsie the next time I’m in town! If his music is even half as good as he looks cool, I know I’m going to love it!

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