Water Falls

waterjugblog-copy.jpgWater falls, water’s carried. This is a painting that sold last year at my first solo show here on St Croix called Water Jug. Living on this rock in the midst of the Caribbean Sea, water is a preeminent factor in everyones’ life. We so take for granted that you turn on a faucet and water comes out on demand- as much as you want, and for as long as you want. Not here. Our water collects from the roof, from the rain that falls and gets funneled into cisterns located under the house. Think of them as 10,000 gallon fish tanks, but without the fish. It makes you realize that there is a finite quantity. Everyone here cheers and smiles when it rains. We love when the water falls!
bathsblog.jpgThe above photo is a place that’s little known here on the Northwest end of St Croix called affectionately ” The Baths “. Here, the water falls over the rocks into the tide pools on the other side of the sea. Crystal clear, no more than 8-9 feet at its’ deepest, calm and warm and mostly private. It’s a good 45 minute walk/hike to reach it and once you do, you feel transported into your own travelogue.

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4 Responses to “Water Falls”

  1. Carol Says:

    Love the painting……and I sooooo want to go to THE BATHS!

    Excellent job, both in the painting and the blogging.

  2. Susan G. Moncrief Says:

    Did your painting sell? If not, I would like to buy it.
    Water is very critical where you might live. Who would ever thought we would pay $1.50 for l6oz’s of water….we all must be insane. Loved your painting.

  3. judith wolfe Says:

    Those water fall baths are delicious looking. Perhpas a photo of the scary trail to the baths should be included the next post. Love the painting.

  4. bonnieluria Says:

    if the trail was easy, The Baths would look like Jones Beach on July 4th!

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