The Other Sisters

recropped-sisters2-blog.jpgThis is a commission piece I did for a client in New York based on a previous one that sold in a gallery here earlier this year. It’s a work in acrylic and is 11″X 14″.
Caribbean market places have long provided a sense of community and sharing that keep the culture vibrant and alive. Fruits, fresh off the trees become home made preserves, bottled with care in random jars left over from baby food, or store bought generic jellies. Sunrise summons the early birds to the market to get the best of what there is, as there is not an abundance. Baskets are carried almost effortlessly on heads, wrapped in brightly colored fabric. Plants are lovingly propagated and sold, spreading the flora throughout the villages and towns.
Living here, I’ve noticed how the backbone of the family is held together by the women. Their fierce determination, and tireless enterprise is seen in everything they do. I wanted to capture the sisterhood of market day. The correlation of food as sustenance and the element of nurturing that define Caribbean life is a thread that weaves through much of my work.

4 Responses to “The Other Sisters”

  1. judith wolfe Says:

    I love your blog and can’t wait to see more of your fabulous imagery.

  2. Carol Says:

    Love to see your paintings and visions of St. Croix and get some of that famous Bonnie Luria humor! Keep up the good work.

  3. elise Says:

    great work, bonnie.

  4. david lobenberg Says:

    I like this one a lot! Also Eat You Vegies and Merry Coixmas. This one reminds me of the great depression era Mexican artist, and I can’t recollect his damn name right now. What I like about it is its solidity, the warm white value against the dark skin value, and then the green background and complimentary red.

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